Program Overview

Hospitality Workplace Safety Training is an in-house training program that is available online or in a manual with a companion DVD. Regardless of the format your establishment chooses, the information is consistent. All content is consistent with Washington state labor guidelines and are not guaranteed for use in other states.


  •   Each lesson includes a video and is accompanied with content from the manual.
  •   Offers Multi-Level Program Management
    • Managers at each location can be responsible for tracking employees’ progress by monitoring which training lessons have been completed. Managers can also add or delete employees in cases of turn-over.
    • A corporate administrator can manage specific curriculums as they apply to individual locations (i.e. if only one location hires teens, they can allow the underaged workers training available to the applicable location).
    • Corporate managers can add and delete managerial administrators at will.
  •   Provides Tracking
  •   Managers can quickly access tracking reports on individual employees.
  •   Saves Valuable Time and Money
  •   The online program teaches employees the foundation of workplace safety allowing managers to focus their training on job-specific hazards, processes and procedures.


  •   Each lesson includes:
    • Training Guide for Supervisors – Provides a checklist to ensure that each training session is consistent.
    • Key Points to Cover ¬– Identifies the curriculum that must be taught in each section.
    • Employee Handout – Handout identifying the key points for the employee during training.
    • Training Validation¬ – Document to record that the training occurred. Also includes a number of test questions specific to the unit to validate that the employee retained the information.
    • Companion DVD – While not required, the DVD includes a video for each lesson.

What it Costs

FREE to Washington Restaurant Association Retro participants.

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