Safety Is A Shared Responsibility

Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Ensure that each employee supervised has received an initial orientation before beginning work and that the orientation is documented.
  2. Ensure that each employee supervised is competent and receives training before starting work on how to safely operate specific equipment and safely do potentially hazardous tasks.
  3. Ensure that each employee has been issued required personal protective equipment (PPE) before starting work on a project requiring PPE.
  4. Conduct a periodic safety check walk around of the work areas and promptly take corrective action for any hazards discovered.
  5. Periodically observe work performance of employees supervised for compliance with safety rules. Provide training and take corrective action as necessary. Document employee evaluations.
  6. Set a good example for employees by following established safety rules and attending required training.
  7. Complete a preliminary investigation of all accidents and report findings to your restaurants human resources office and restaurant management.
  8. Provide information to all restaurant staff, including supervisors and crew members to solicit advice and suggest changes to work practices or equipment that will improve employee safety.

Worker Responsibilities

  1. Follow established safety rules, work procedures and training you receive.
  2. Report unsafe conditions, concerns or incidents to your supervisor as soon as you become aware of them.
  3. Report all injuries to your supervisor promptly regardless of the severity of injury.
  4. Report all-near-miss accidents to your supervisor promptly.
  5. Always use any required personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing.
  6. Do not remove or defeat any safety device or safeguard provided for employee protection.
  7. Encourage co-workers by your words and behavior to use safe work practices on the job.
  8. Make suggestions to your supervisor, safety committee representative or management about changes to work practices or equipment that you believe will improve employee safety.