Training Information

Dear Industry Professional,

This training program was developed by the Washington Restaurant Association Education Foundation as a tool for owners, managers and supervisors in the hospitality industry who are responsible for training their employees. The purpose of the program is to help improve employee safety in your workplace with the goal of reduced injuries, and to decrease your workers' compensation premiums.

Saving Your Business Time and Money

Work related injuries and illnesses are costly and damaging, both for the employee who gets hurt and for the business. For your employees, job injuries result in pain and potential loss of income. For the employer, on the job injuries and illnesses contribute to higher employee turnover, absenteeism, higher workers’ compensation costs and unhappy, less productive staff.

Why Safety Training Improves Staff Morale and Feelings of Security

One of the best strategies to help prevent on the job injuries and illnesses is to provide regular health and safety training for all employees. Establishing regular training helps your employees learn how to avoid hazards, keeps lines of communication open between you and your employees about problems and hazards you might not be aware of, letting your employees know you are serious about promoting safety policies and sound work practices in your establishment.

This program was designed to be a stand-alone training curriculum that can be used with all segments of the restaurant and food service industry ranging from quick service and full service restaurants to large institutional kitchens and small independent catering businesses.

It was also meant to provide the next training phase for high school culinary arts students who have participated in the ProSafety Culinary Arts workplace health and safety curriculum (available at, which is currently being used in ProStart Culinary Arts education programs in Washington state high schools.

For establishments with an existing employee health and safety training program, this program can be used to build on what is already working well in your workplace and supplement your training with additional material and information.

Thank you for your participation!

Lyle Hildahl

Washington Restaurant Association Education Foundation